Chairman’s Message

“Numbers don’t count. Even if we can change one life, it means a great deal to us.” God sent his creation on earth with one name Human, who made these artificial identities?? We are human being first. The best worship is to help in whatever capacity you can to those who are in need.
Smile and this is also a charity, it’s not always the monetary power. Become the voice of the people, share and inspire others. Together we can continue to empower them with the security, education and skills they need to thrive and give back.

PCT Humanity - The Story Of Humanity First

The story of Humanity First : You inherit from your parents and society at large, this man Joginder Singh Salaria . Read More..

The Emblem (Logo)

The logo is the complete blend of care, protection and happiness! The Globe along with human hands depicts the power of healing and care. Read More..

Vision Mission

Our mission is to Share & Inspire by extending a hand of care and compassion enabling people to be confident, self reliant individuals . Read More..

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Yes we seek donations but we seek only YOUR TIME as donations. We expect you to donate your TIME, SMILE, LOVE & CARE!

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