Health – Health is Wealth. Health is Happiness!

Sound sleep is bestowed to those who are healthy. It is necessary to have good health. The wealth can be earned but if good health is lost it is earned back hardly.

One can get happiness by being healthy. If you want to live happy, maintain good health. Wealth is only the pleasure of eyes while health is real and valuable one. Wealth is not substitute of everything in life but health is substitute of everything in life.

But still millions of people from rural and remote areas have not been able to get the medical facilities. PCT Humanity through various government/private collaborations has been trying to reach these places as far as we could. Our volunteers have been tirelessly working to give health services to these people.

Who says we cannot give life to someone??

At PCT Humanity we know we can. Donate Red. Donate Blood.Save Life!With this slogan,one of our main aim is to save lives by organizing various Blood donation Camps in UAE & India.